I love spring and summer months. I definitely perk up so much during these warmer days. Sometimes I think I'd really love to move where it is warm pretty much year round, but I've been born and raised in the Midwest, so I doubt we'll ever leave the area.

We moved to our new house in February. We're only renting, but want to make it feel like "ours" while we are still here. One of our projects this spring is to improve the way the front yard looks. So far we've planted some tulips. I've also bought some little lights to put out there. I think next we might find some landscaping bricks or railroad ties and some sort of shrubs to put in front of our porch. It'll make it look and feel nice as we're already spending a lot of time outside this year.

Tuesday night we spent some time at my mother in law's. The kids had fun running around in her big yard and the baby experienced grass for the first time.


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