Big decisions

A big decision has been placed before our family and it's one we've been going back and forth on. The last few months, we've talked about relocating closer to my husband's job. We weren't sure if we wanted to do that since it is farther from my hometown and a little ways from his as well. However, since my husband is in the running for a promotion and a raise, we feel as if we'll have our final decision at the end of week.

A lot of people are praying for guidance and wisdom from the Lord in this decision. We feel that if he does get this promotion then that will be our confirmation. My biggest struggle has been that it will be a big change for our children, especially our oldest since he is in school now. But in the end, it could be a smart decision for us financially and the area is a better one than we are in. The town we live in isn't awful or anything, but there are certainly more opportunities in the area where my husband works.

This week I ask that you pray for us. There are many pros and cons to this. We feel like this is the right move for us at this point, we just need things to fall into place.


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