ABCs of Me!

What's better than staying up late and packing (we're moving on Saturday)? Procrastinating packing to do a blog post. 

Stolen from Nichole over at Just Another Blogger Mom!

  • Age –25. Seriously. Next year I am closer to 30 than I am 20!
  • Bed size – Queen! We just got a new Serta mattress & box spring in February and I LOVE IT!
  • Chores that you hate – Folding/putting away laundry. Stuffing pocket cloth diapers.
  • Dogs – All of my childhood pets are deceased except for one that lives with  my mom.
  • Essential start to your day – A few minutes to stretch and wake up.
  • Favorite color – Blue.
  • Goal – To settle into our new home this summer, organize our homeschool plan, and enjoy beautiful weather. Oh, and continue to get out of debt.
  • Height -  5'0"
  • Instruments you play – None anymore. I used to play the clarinet and was in the high school choir. We used to compete every spring. I loved it!
  • Job title – Stay at home mom
  • Kids – Guggy (turns 5 in a week!), Sissy (almost 3), A-Man (21 months), and #4 is due in January.
  • Live - moving to the country tomorrow. :)
  • Mother's name – Carey & Angie (I have a step-mom).
  • Nickname – Mommy
  • Overnight hospital stays – For having babies or pregnancy-related complications. 
  • Pet peeves – People not picking up after themselves.
  • Quote from a movie or TV show – 
  • Right or lefty – Lefty
  • Siblings – One sister, two step-brothers
  • Time you wake up – Since it's summer, whenever the kids get up!
  • Underwear – Clean ones. :P
  • Vegetable you dislike – Celery. Tried it, just can't like it!
  • What makes you run late – Myself or kids not cooperating.
  • X rays – My foot/toes back in March.
  • Yummy food you make – Hmm, too much to consider!
  • Zoo animal - Giraffes!


  1. Great post! We both share the same nickname. :)

    Just followed you on GFC. Hope to get a follow back. :) TY

  2. Just saying hi!! :) Glad I tracked you back down... Look forward to keeping in touch again.


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