17 Weeks Along

Baby #4 is due around January 9th, 2013.

To my surprise, this pregnancy is flying by. It's hard to believe I've hit week 17 already. The first weeks of my pregnancy were plagued with all day sickness until about three weeks ago. I'm very grateful to be passed that point. The only thing that helped was taking half a tablet of Unisom before bed.

So far, I've had two prenatal appointments and I'm due for another in the next week and a half. I absolutely love the midwife we've chosen to see this time. I've never had such friendly and compassionate care during a pregnancy. Soon, we'll probably be booking our level II ultrasound which we have to make sure the baby has not inherited any sort of heart defect.

I've wondered if we'd keep the gender a surprise this time (I didn't technically know with my first). I'm not sure if we'll find out at the ultrasound or not. We have decided on our names for either gender which we are keeping a secret from most people for the time being. ;-)

All in all, things are going very well with this pregnancy so far. I'm very grateful to not be having any problems and certainly hope it stays that way.


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