FunBite Review!

As soon as I opened up the box that our FunBite came in, my 5 year old son was all about this new "thing" that came to our house. FunBites is a mom-invented food cutter that makes any meal fun for little ones. It comes in two varieties: squares or hearts. We chose the square cutter over the hearts one so our boys wouldn't complain about the hearts.

What I liked most about FunBites is that is is perfectly safe for my 5 year old son to use. He really liked helping make our sandwiches fun square shapes. Another perk was that my Sissy, our 3 year old, loves the color green and squares so happen to be her favorite shape. ;) I think that this can also be a great aid to make meal times more enjoyable for picky eaters. The bite size pieces are also great for toddlers. You can also use your FunBite for any food you can think of from sandwiches to fruit!

If you're still looking for last minute gifts, FunBites would make a great stocking stuffer! Through December 31st, there is a fan exclusive code for FREE SHIPPING you can obtain by liking the FunBites Facebook page. You can also order on

{Disclosure: I was offered a free FunBite food cutter in exchange for my honest review. Your experience may differ from mine. There was no monetary compensation for this review.}


  1. I wish I had a girl just so I could try out the hearts! ;)

  2. That looks like so much fun! I wish I could do that for my husbands lunch, but the rest of the guys in his division would make fun of him. Actually, that is a great reason to do it.


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