Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition Presented by Pureology

It's no secret that going green is great for our earth. Pureology has presented a competition to help a school go green! Although I homeschool my own children, I attended public school and I believe that green materials are important as we are a family who lives a natural lifestyle. I also think that in this day and age, teaching future generations how to reduce their carbon footprint is so important for the well being of our planet. We only have this earth and we all share it.

Why are green schools important? Pureology lists these reasons on their website:

  • Improved student performance. When children learn in classrooms with natural daylight, improved sound quality, and non-toxic building materials such as non-VOC carpets and paints, test scores can improve as much as 20%. Attendance also improves!
  • More funds for student resources. When green upgrades are made to a school, water and energy costs can be reduced as much as 40%. These savings can be channeled back into resources that directly benefit students, such as textbooks, computers and other essentials.
  • Reduced carbon footprint. Greening a school significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming.
To learn more about making your school green or to enter it in the competition, visit the Pureology website!

(Disclaimer: This post was written as part of the Pureology Challenge on the Influenster website. I received no sort of compensation for this.)

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