Monday Listicles: I feel like a superhero!

It's been a while since I've done a Monday Listicles post, so here we go!


1. I have given birth to four children without any pain medication.

2. I am tandeming breastfeeding and also pumping to donate.

3. I can exist on four hours of sleep. (Not saying I'm not cranky, but at least I can function!)

4. Yesterday I managed to have my 2 year old and 2 month old down for naps at the same time, in addition to letting the 3 and 5 year olds play outside for a while, and I also got dinner done. Go me!

5. My 2 year old routinely responds with, "I love you, too." It is definitely heart-warming. I am glad I take the time to tuck my children in and say "I love you" to them each night.

6. The health and lifestyle changes we've made for our family over the last five years have kept us all very healthy for the most part.

7. I take care of four children on a regular basis while my husband is gone around 12 hours a day.

8. Sometimes I still find time to read books.

9. I keep remembering to take my medicine and vitamin supplements (for once!)

10.  Shower. As all mothers know, sometimes a shower is a luxury!


  1. stopping by from Listicles Blog Hop, Have a great Monday

    Giving birth and taking care of any human life does make us a Superhero.

    yes, showring is wonderous.

  2. Wow, both one and two are very impressive!

  3. Very impressive! You go girl! And the shower...that definitely adds an element of superhero-ness that only a mother could understand!

  4. I could identify with lots of these. Especially number 10 about the shower. I was just having a conversation with someone about this very thing. How it is pure bliss to take a shower without some sort of deadline or time limit. LOVE it.

  5. Hearing I love you from your child really does make you feel like a superhero. And my 14 year old still likes me to tuck her in every night!

  6. Score on the simultaneous naps AND dinner! Superhero indeed. Ellen


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