Our Updated Cloth Diaper Stash

I've had a lot of requests to do an updated cloth diaper stash. Taking a video was much easier.

We use a variety of cloth diapers. We use pocket diapers, one hybrid system, and fitteds.
Swaddlebees Simplex
Bum Genius
Kawaii GNHW
Random fitteds
Alva, JC Trade, etc.
Best Bottoms
Nicki's Diapers
Glow Bug


  1. love the vlog! wish we had tried cloth diapering way back when...but there are so many cute styles now we didn't have 16 years ago

  2. Great video! And great tips, thank you!

  3. They Are All So Adorable, Great Tips I Never Tried Wish I Had!!

  4. I love the cube organizer. What a great system you have!


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