Bedtime story for toddlers: Goodnight, Angels

Disclaimer: I receive a copy of Goodnight, Angels for free for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and may differ from your own.

Goodnight, Angels is a soothing bedtime story told as a rhyme. Bedtime stories are a huge part of our bedtime routine, as is really helps our children wind down their minds for the night. Goodnight, Angels follows a young boy as he says goodnight to his friends, to his kitty and doggy, and to his bedtime snack. "Goodnight kitchen. Tomorrow I'll be back!"

The little boy in the story reminds me of our 3-year-old, Avery. Pulling along a wagon with a teddy bear and saying goodnight to every little thing. Reading stories is not only wonderful for a child's development, but also for creating memories.

Written by Melody Carlson and Illustrated by Sophie Allsopp, this bedtime story is the perfect addition to your toddler's book collection. Goodnight, Angels is published by Zonderkidz. You can purchase it on or on


  1. Sounds like a cute story. My son also says goodnight to everything, event things like his playroom and cute!

  2. That sounds like a cute book. I miss reading things like this to my boys!

  3. From your commentary and the cover of the book, this looks like a very cute read. I think it's extremely cute when kids have a bedtime ritual like this.

  4. This looks so sweet! I really love the idea!

  5. Sounds like a great story that my youngest daughter would enjoy. She really likes stories that rhymes.

  6. Bedtime Stories book are my favorites when I was starting to learn reading and until now I have a love for them, this book is cute, you got a nice and simple review too.

  7. I want to read this to my son. Looks cute!


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