Nourish Nursing Bra by #BeliBea

An affordable and comfortable nursing bra, Nourish by BeliBea is a new, comfortable option for nursing and pumping mothers. Right now, BeliBea is launching a Kickstarter campaign to help launch this innovative nursing bra! I'm really excited to have the chance to review Nourish once it becomes available in January.

I've been nursing on and off for eight years, am pregnant with my fifth baby, and have also been a "pumping" mom. I know how important it is to have all of these features in a nursing bra. From BeliBea: "The Nourish by BeliBea bra incorporates specific design features to ensure every mother’s all-day comfort, including a seamless stretch fit, plush-line,adjustable straps and a ribbed band to provide flexible support.

Please be sure check back in January for my review of Nourish! Also check out the Kickstarter campaign and give BeliBea a like on Facebook. The first fifty individuals who you pledge $35 will receive a Nourish bra. After those spots are taken, anyone who pledges $50 or more will receive a Nourish bra.


  1. that looks like it would make pumping at work easier as well! Where was this a few years ago? ;)


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