Introducing the PriceMATCHERZ Price Matching Tool!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own.


I am really excited to share about our experience with the PriceMATCHERZ Website with you all. I know that not all of my readers eat an organic diet, so this may be a website that pertains more to you. Since I eat a gluten free diet, most of what I bought here was for other family members. With my diet being more expensive and having four mouths to feed, I try to save all the money I can!

Behind PriceMATCHERZ are two sisters, Bridget and Brandice who know all too well the busy we moms are. Their website has grocery circulars already matched up for ten states, broken down by metro area. What is awesome is that if there is a coupon available for a certain product, they've already got it linked next to that product as well! It really can't get easier than this.

I am all too familiar with price matching since I already do it pretty often. I split my grocery shopping into trips to Wal-Mart and Aldi. Sometimes, I shop at Hy-Vee. Price matching usually keeps me from going to a third store. After scanning this week's price match list for our area, I picked some items that were already on my list like produce, cereal, and bacon.

Here are just a few of the items we bought on our grocery trip this week. My kids were so excited over the cereal, because I almost never buy the sugary stuff. I also was sure to keep my price match items separated on the conveyer belt so the cashier could easily ring up my items and check the ads.

Bananas - .35 cents/lb
Red Delicious Apples - .69 cents/lb
Baby carrots 16 oz - .69 cents
Celery stalks - .88 cents 
Corn - .25 each (we bought $10 worth!)
Post Cereal (4 boxes) 10.5 - 20oz boxes - $1.88
Russet Potatoes 8 lbs - $1.99
Kraft singles - $1.99

Can you believe we saved about $6 on produce? How awesome!

I hope that you check out the PriceMATCHERZ website and find it as helpful as we have. Saving money is so important these days, especially as the cost of groceries seem to go up all the time. Be sure to visit the PriceMATCHERZ website, on Facebook, and Twitter!


  1. This is VERY cool. I am so used to shopping for just my husband and me, BUT in just over a month we are moving to be closer to his kids (who live in another state) and I know this would come in handy as I go from shopping for two people to FIVE when the girls are with us! Thanks so much.


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