Mother Nurture Review: A treat for mom, nourishment for mom & baby #MotherNurture

Every mom wants to indulge in a treat sometimes. But most chocolate treats are made from processed sugars and other ingredients that are horrible for our bodies. Mother Nurture offers a nutritious option with their Enhanced Chocolate Truffles and Enhanced Waters line for breastfeeding and pregnant moms, packed with essential nutrients.

I'm no stranger to how important nutrition is during pregnancy and in the breastfeeding years. I've had five babies and I'm currently breastfeeding my 16-month-old daughter. It can also feel very restricting when you just want to have a treat! The chocolate truffles from Mother Nurture are not only delicious and rich tasting, but are jam packed full of good-for-you nutrients.

I was able to sample both flavors of the truffles and the Enhanced Waters in Tropical Splash. I am usually not a fan of dark chocolate, but given these are a healthier option, I wanted to give them a try! I really enjoyed the truffles, especially the dark chocolate. The drink tasted great and is a great alternative to something like Gatorade.

Enhanced Chocolate Truffles

Enhanced Waters

Folic acid, DHA, protein, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and choline
No artificial ingredients
BPA packaging

Disclaimer: This review was sponsored by Mom Select & Mother Nuture. All opinions are honest and are my own. Some posts contain affiliate links which help support this blog.


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