20 Week Pregnancy Update (Baby #5)

I’ve really not been blogging a whole heck of a lot lately. I’ve actually been feeling quite a bit better, I’ve been feeling awesome, in fact! so I’ve been trying to really focus on homeschooling the kids and cleaning the house.

In case you missed it, about three weeks ago we found out that we’re having another girl. That was quite a shocker to me, because I really thought we’d have another boy! Our first four children go in boy/girl order. So this will put us at three girls and two boys.

My last midwife appointment was actually almost a month ago, so I’ll be going in for another soon. I had to rush in two days before my appointment, because I was in a severe amount of pain. My midwife was concerned about the possibility of a bad UTI or kidney stones. My lab work came back okay and the ultrasound revealed no kidney stones. The pain has flared up again twice in the last three weeks and I’m still not sure what it is. I’m honestly thinking it’s just a worsening case of sciatica at this point.

I also went in for my general prenatal labwork. It turns out I am borderline anemic, so I’ve added iron to my daily supplements. I’ve blogged about being chronically low in vitamin D in the past, so I take 5,000 IUs of that every day. Luckily, my levels continue to (very slowly) rise. My thyroid is also (still) low, so I’ll be starting medication for that again.

Overall, I think things are going pretty well. I’ve been feeling a lot more energized. The hyperemesis is 100% gone…thankfully!

I hope you all have been blessed and are doing well. Until next time. 🙂

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