22 Week Pregnancy Update: Pre-eclampsia?

Today I am 22 weeks pregnant and I wish I was coming to you all with better news. While I had a month of relief, it seems as though my pregnancy is taking a turn for the worse. I was feeling considerably better and thought it would be easy from here on out. However, we’re having to make some tough decisions this week because of some things going on that may complicate my pregnancy.

For a brief recap, I have four children. Three were born in the hospital and my fourth was born at home with a midwife. With my first child, who is now almost 8 years old, I developed pre-eclampsia. I did not have that or any other sort of issues with my other pregnancies. However, this time, it looks as though I may be developing pre-eclampsia again. This condition is nothing to mess around with. It can lead to problems for the fetus and myself…like seizures. 
Pre-eclampsia is defined as pregnancy induced hypertension accompanied by protein in the urine. I’ve had a few high blood pressure readings, as well as suddenly gaining 10 lbs, and also trace amounts of protein in the urine. While I may not specifically be diagnosed with pre-eclampsia yet, there is a good chance it’s heading in that direction.
My midwife is very concerned about this and as a certified nurse midwife, this would be out of her scope of practice. So before I even get risked out of a home birth, I have to consider the possibility of just deciding to go with a hospital birth on my own. My thinking is that I might as well establish a relationship and care with some one new instead of possibly getting thrown into it at the end with some one who I don’t know. 
I’ve got some appointments coming up and a lot of decisions to make. Obviously, I think I need I know what I need to do. It’s not necessarily what I like. But this pregnancy hasn’t been kind to me and I have to accept what’s best for the baby and myself. I’m also really considering a tubal or another permanent method of birth control. This absolutely has to be the last baby. My body can’t handle any more. 
Please keep me in your prayers over the next couple of weeks. I hope to update with better news in the coming weeks!

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