24 Week Pregnancy Update: Back & Forth (Baby 5)

I have an update with happy news! Things have been very up and down so far this pregnancy. I want to enjoy it since this is our last child, but these circumstances have been interesting. But as I mentioned, at least we have some good news.

Because there was a suspicion of pre-eclampsia, we decided it’d be a good idea for me to have a consult with an OBGYN. I actually got a clean bill of health from the doctor. The amount of protein in the urine was considered a “normal” amount. I told her I’ve been keeping track of my blood pressure at home and it’s been running in the normal range. The doctor thought it must be what she calls a “white coat effect”. If it’s only running high at appointments, then it’s nothing to worry about.
Since I am doing okay, my midwife doesn’t have to risk me out for a home birth. But I’ve had several people who say that I should just have this baby in the hospital anyway if I like the doctor. While I like the doctor, I can’t say that it makes me comfortable enough to have a hospital birth unless it’s absolutely necessary. When interventions are medically needed, I can accept it. However, if I can still have a home delivery, I think that’s ultimately what I prefer. It’s just different when you’ve already had that experience!
For symptoms, I’ve been just really tired lately and really cranky. I’ve definitely had a low tolerance for stupidity, let’s just say that. Most nights, I’m in bed by 8pm and getting up pretty early in the morning. I’ve also had the urge to purge and organize, but that’s pretty typical of me this time of year.
I don’t think I’ll have another prenatal appointment until around 26 weeks. However, we are going to be having our usual Level 2 ultrasound and fetal EKG to make sure the baby has a healthy heart. (Sidenote: My husband has a congenital heart defect. We had genetic testing done a few years ago to see the chance of it being passed down, which is almost a 0% chance. But it’s still nice to to double check and have peace of mind. All of our other children are healthy.)

That’s it for now…I can’t wait to share our next set of ultrasound pictures with you all!


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