40 Questions to Ask Your Midwife

Giving birth is a huge journey physically, spiritually, and mentally. You should be given the best prenatal care possible. Meaning the right midwife, means having the right questions to ask a midwife. There are so many things swirling around in your head already, so any questions you’ve already thought of, you should write down in a list. There are also some other things to consider asking that you may not have thought of. See the bottom of this post for a printable version of this list!


  1. What is your natural birth vs. C-section rate?
  2. If having a home birth, what is your hospital transfer percentage?
  3. Do you partner with any OB-GYN for back up care, or will I have to arrange that myself?
  4. What are prenatal appointments like? How many are there during the duration of the pregnancy?
  5. How can I contact you outside of appointments? Via phone, e-mail, or text?
  6. Do you use a fetoscope?
  7. How long have you been practicing?
  8. What is your birth philosophy?
  9. How many births do you attend per month?
  10. Do you deliver VBACs, twins, or breech babies?
  11. What tests do you use for gestational diabetes? Do you treat gestational diabetes?
  12. Do you have ultrasounds available in office? If not, can you refer me for an ultrasound?
  13. Do you have prescription privileges?
  14. Do you perform vaginal checks while in labor?
  15. At what point in labor should I call you?
  16. Can my husband/partner/etc catch the baby? Can I catch my own baby?
  17. How far past my due date can I go and still be under your care?
  18. Do you offer breastfeeding support?
  19. Do you offer newborn testing? Are you comfortable with me refusing some tests, vaccines, etc?
  20. Do you offer placenta encapsulation? If so, what is your fee?
  21. Do you require an IV or hep-lock?
  22. Do you support water births? Can I rent a birth tub from you? If not, can you suggest where to get one?
  23. What are your fees? Do you file insurance? Do you offer payment plans?
  24. Do you support delayed cord clamping?
  25. How long do you allow for delivery of the placenta?
  26. How do you assess dilation if not through vaginal checks?
  27. Do you offer nutritional counseling?
  28. Do you have birth assistants? Are you comfortable working with a doula?
  29. What equipment do you bring to a birth?
  30. I am a survivor of abuse, sexual assault, etc. In what ways can you support me if this affects my experience?
  31. Are you trained in neonatal resuscitation?
  32. Will you talk to my husband/partner/etc about any questions, concerns, or fears they may have?
  33. How do you weigh the baby after they are born?
  34. How do I obtain a birth certificate and social security card? (Pertains to home births.)
  35. What are your certifications? Do you routinely recertify when needed? Is your training up to date?
  36. Has your license ever been suspended or have you ever been disciplined?
  37. Can I eat or drink in labor?
  38. Have you ever had an infant or mother loss? What happened?
  39. What kind birth interventions do you commonly use?
  40. What pain management do you offer or suggest outside of epidurals?

Click here to download and print this list!


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