5 Tips For Buying a Coffee Maker

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coffee maker buying tips

Coffee can be very helpful for living well. It boosts your alertness, helps wake you up, and gives you something to drink with breakfast or dinner. It’s rarely bad for you. Having a coffee maker at home can let you make healthier coffee for yourself, or provide better access to coffee if you’re in an area without coffee shops (or don’t want to shop at them). But before buying one, there are a few important considerations.

  1. Think about the long-term cost.

Having a coffee maker can cost you money or save you money, depending on what you do. Make sure you’re ready to use coffee grounds or beans and keep filters on hand. Overall, having a coffee maker should save you money compared to going somewhere like Starbucks, but you have to use it well. You should also consider environmental costs. I’ve talked about how important it is to be green. It’s worth sparing a thought, as the buyer, for the environment impact of your coffee maker.

  1. Take stock of how much you drink.

Drinking coffee isn’t bad for you. In fact, it’s as hydrating as water in many cases, and it has health benefits besides. But it’s still important to know how much you drink so you can buy a coffee maker that can handle it. Coffee makers have different capacities and make different amounts of coffee, after all.


  1. Consider the special features.

Coffee makers have a wide variety of different special features. Some provide only a few settings, but some let you choose a number of pots, set your brew a day in advance, and so on. Some offer better temperature and speed, and some support different kinds of coffee pods, if that’s what you want to use. Sites like The Coffee Maven can really help pick apart what makers have what features, and what features are the most important.

  1. Think about how easy it is to access and clean.

You’ll probably want to pick a coffee maker that comes apart more easily than one that doesn’t. Coffee makers do need occasional cleaning. And they also need to be accessible: if you have a small kitchen, then you should probably be buying a small coffee maker to compensate for that. In fact, sizing is very important when choosing a coffee maker that will best fit your home.

  1. Compare your shopping options.

Many people shop on Amazon, or they have another marketplace of choice that they use. But there are a number of options. Even if only Amazon will deliver your chosen coffee maker to your area, you can still do things like find ways to get free delivery, for example, or a website focused on coffee might have tips.

For many families, buying a coffee maker is worth it. But being informed before you buy a coffee maker means that you’re likely to pick one that can stay with you for a long time, and that’s worthwhile.


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