5 Tips For Work At Home Moms

As a mother and as a blogger, I’ve had to learn to balance my personal and business lives. For the last ten years, I have been a work at home mom. I believe strongly that women can be mothers and have a sense of self identity. One day, when we are done raising our children, we will want to still have a sense of purpose. In this post, I’d like to take my best tips for how I’ve managed to work from home while homeschooling five children.

5 tips for work at home moms


This is really a tough one for me. Obviously, for any person, family comes first. However, we have to make a living. Each week, I have to look at my schedule and any commitments. Do the kids have activities? What household chores need done? What deadlines for my blog do I have to work around? If there is something that can wait, I move that to the bottom of the list. Not everything has to be a priority and I’ve learned that some things can wait. You have to decide what is a priority for yourself. For me, I don’t want to spend hours grocery shopping anymore, so I use Wal-Mart’s grocery pick up service.

Learn To Say No

I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty bad habit of overscheduling myself. I have learned to ask myself if scheduling too many social engagements, work commitments, etc., is worth it. Before you commit to an activity, ask yourself if what benefit you will receive from attending? Remember, overscheduling can lead to wearing yourself too thin. When we do this, we can’t engage in what really matters as efficiently and passionately as we’d like to.

Keep a To-Do List

Something about checking things off a list makes me feel very accomplished. Whether you keep a paper list or keep everything on your phone, to do lists can serve as a great game plan for daily life. Every day, I know I need to work some amount on my blog. Maybe I need to schedule some social media posts ahead of time or respond to an important email. This way, I’m also less likely to forget about important deadlines.

Find Time To Work

How do I find time to work with five children, do you ask? It can be difficult to sneak in sometimes. Often, I am working late at night after the kids are asleep so I can have quiet work time. I also try to carve out time to work when my husband is home so I don’t miss out on too much sleep. I try to keep deadlines on my phone calendar so I can keep my husband informed of when I may need some quiet time to get away. Making this a habit has really helped me focus on growing my blog, not just as a hobby, but as a business where I’ve brought in a part time income to help support our family.

Be Inspired By Other Successful Women

Who inspired you? There are many women in today’s business world and may are mothers. Mother of five, Chrissy Weems, is the CEO of Origami Owl. I’ve also found a lot of inspiration from blogger and speaker Heidi St. John. Finding some one who you can relate to or who can mentor you is really helpful in staying encouraged and inspired as a woman in business.


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