Advantages of Homeschooling

Does Security Make for Better Grades in Homeschooling?
Parents may choose to homeschool their children for any number of reasons.  One big reason they choose this route is for security. They want to protect their child from potential bullying or other issues that may come about in a public school.  This security can enable the child to perform better academically.
Customized Learning Plan
Online homeschool creates a customized learning plan for students that enables them to further what they excel at and strengthen their weaknesses.  Since the home is a safe place, the student doesn’t feel in danger of failing.  They can get the extra assistance they need.  ELearning also provides the advantage of access to online tutors any time of day.  All of this can therefore boost their confidence and make them feel safe.
Independent Thinking
An unintentional lesson taught in public school is how to interact with people.  While teachers may want students to think for themselves, they cannot keep track of everyone.  Students are often subject to peer pressure, adopting the beliefs of a particular group of children simply because they have a desire to fit in.  Following the crowd could lead to a student thinking that school is dumb and therefore lose focus on learning.  Grades suffer.  Homeschooling provides an environment free of this peer pressure.  Parents are able to use online education to teach material while they encourage independent thinking and character development.
No Bullying
Bullies can cause a student to lose focus on their education because they are too worried about what the bully will do or say to them.  Homeschooling is a space free of this distraction.  The student can then devote their time to learning rather than trying to avoid getting harassed.
Homeschooling provides a safe environment for a child to learn.  There is no need to worry about falling behind, peer pressure or bullies.  Because of this, the child can therefore perform to his or her fullest potential.
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