Bulb Sprouting – A Spring Preschool Activity

This is a guest post written by Leah at Crunchy Farm Baby! I hope you enjoy this spring preschool activity with your little ones!
What better way to celebrate the arrival of Spring than being able to watch what Mother Nature is busy doing under the earth?! With this fun and super easy to do activity, your children can see the awesome transformations that take place as a bulb grows roots, sprouts, and blooms a beautiful flower!
What you need: A spring flower bulb (I recommend a tulip because they sprout quickly and are very easy for a child to see all of the individual parts, but a hyacinth, daffodil, or something similar would work just as well), water, tall thin clear vase, and something to make labels (if you don’t have a label maker, you can tape paper strips, or even just write on the vase with permanent marker.
What to do: Place the flower bulb in the bottom of the vase and cover the bottom half of it with water. Label the vase with “bulb” on the bottom. Explain to your child that the bulbs usually get planted in the earth and that they will get to watch what happens as the bulb grows and sprouts in the vase.  Check on your flower daily and talk about the changes you and your child notice. Soon the bulb will begin to sprout roots and you can add another label to your vase. Next you will start to notice the beginnings of the flower stem poking out, and you can add “stem”. Eventually your child will be delighted to see a bud grow and bloom into a beautiful flower! 
Extend the activity: Let your child do some free form drawing by setting them up with some paper and drawing instruments and the flower. You could do this only at the end, or after each major change to sort of “capture” the transformation. After the flower has bloomed, you can plant the bulb in the ground outside and the flower will come back the next year. What a wonderful way for your child to remember this activity!
This activity is super simple to facilitate and is an excellent way to encourage a love and appreciation of nature! If you are looking for more activities just like this, please check out my nature-inspired Preschool Homeschool Curriculum, specially designed to encourage children to appreciate and love the world around them and to give parents the freedom to follow their child’s lead and natural curiosity! You can get more information and request a free theme sample HERE
BIO: Leah is a homeschool mama of two rambunctious little boys. When not running her blogcurriculum writing business, and Etsy shop, she can be found doing general homesteading things like gathering chicken eggs, gardening, cooking, and spending time in nature with her family. She loves sharing her adventures and ideas with others, so follow along with her on FacebookPinterest, or Instagram – @crunchyfarmbaby! 

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  1. April 5, 2015 / 2:57 pm

    My kids are going to love this… Cant wait to get started!

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