Celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month with Krusteaz!

Breakfast for dinner is a mega hit in our household! We probably have pancakes and eggs for dinner about every two weeks. Did you know that February is National Hot Breakfast Month? Neither did I, until I received the opportunity to try out some great products from Krusteaz. They also sent me a grocery gift card, which I used to get some gluten free options for myself! I really appreciate companies that give us gluten free folks a chance to still enjoy every day favorites!


Krusteaz was nice enough to send us some boxes of their pancake and waffle mix to try out. Unfortunately, my 2-year-old tossed my iPhone in the toilet and it wasn’t backed up, so I lost all of my pictures recently! But let me assure you, it was delicious! We are definitely won over and are loyal Krusteaz customers now rather than the off brand products we were using before. My 7-year-old, Avery loves that Krusteaz pancakes cook more evenly and are super fluffy pancakes. Yes, even the gluten free ones! (If something is gluten free and doesn’t taste good, I will absolutely be honest!)
The Krusteaz Story:
You never know what kind of brilliance can happen over a game of bridge. In 1932 the women of a Seattle bridge club had a simple idea for an easy-to-make pie crust. They called it “Crust Ease” (a clever combination of “crust” and “ease”), and little did they know it would lead to a wide variety of home-baked goods enjoyed by everyone around the country.
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