Chances of Conceiving Twins with Clomid

Clomid is the most common and popular fertility drug. It is usually the first line of defense of a fertility doctor, and the first drug they prescribe when a doctor seeks fertility help. Clomid helps to stimulate the ovaries and help to make sure that a woman is ovulating. The body of a woman produces more than usual follicles and hormones, and estrogen levels are increased as well when she uses Clomid. When this occurs, a woman can produce more than one mature egg. This can result in a woman conceiving twins when the eggs are fertilized. A happy double blessing perhaps! And you’ll be shopping for a double stroller!
How likely is Clomid to cause twins?
The natural chance of any woman to get pregnant with twins during any given cycle is not so high – that is 1 to 3 percent. You might think that by taking Clomid, a woman would be increasing her chances of having twins dramatically, but that is not true. There is only between 8-10 percent chances of having twins while taking Clomid, so it does increase the chances of conceiving twins. But not by a terrible amount.
While taking Clomid, you have a bit more chance of having twins – especially so, if you take Clomid and ovulate regularly already. Then your percentages goes way up! A woman who gets pregnant without the aid of medication has about 4 percent chances of having twins. If the same woman is to take Clomid, her chances of having twins would be increased by 10 percent. Getting pregnant with triplets or multiple children are even less, at under 1 percent.
There are cases where women who take Clomid are more likely to have twins. A woman who’s younger than 25 takes Clomid is more likely to have twins. A woman who takes Clomid and doesn’t have issues ovulating is also more likely to conceive twins. Also, you are more likely to have twins when you take more than the recommended dose of Clomid. This can be very dangerous, that’s why it’s advisable not to take more than the recommended dose.
How Clomid works
It is helpful to understand how Clomid works so that you can know how it increases your chances of having twins. Clomid works by blocking estrogen receptors in your brain. Estrogen is the hormone involved in the process of ovulation. The estrogen levels are usually low during the first part of the menstrual cycle. Ordinarily, estrogen is usually produced when the eggs begin to mature during the first period of your menstrual cycle. Estrogen levels increase as the eggs mature and eventually your estrogen levels reach a point that signals your body to produce another hormone known as LH. A surge in LH is what ultimately triggers ovulation.
Clomid has a lot of similarities to estrogen. Clomid is allowed to attach to the receptor cell because the receptor cells in the brains think that Clomid is an estrogen. The estrogen is kept from attaching to the receptor cells when clomids attached to the cell. This deceives the body to think that you are not produce enough estrogen. When the estrogen level is low, the body responds by producing the hormones that help mature and nurture the follicles growing in the ovaries. The body thinks that the follicles are not producing enough estrogen so it starts to produce more hormones that help mature the follicles so that more estrogen can be produced.
It is fairly easy to understand how Clomid increases your chances of having twins. The body produces extra hormones to help develop and mature the follicle which increases the estrogen level. When this happens, a woman may have so much extra stimulation and nurturing that she produces more than one mature egg. If more than one egg is released during ovulation and both eggs are fertilized, twins will result. One interesting thing to note is that Clomid only increases a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant with fraternal twins. Clomid twins are usually fraternal because they are formed as a result two different eggs. Identical twins are usually conceived from the same egg, so the drug will not affect a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant with this type of twin.
How to detect twin pregnancy while taking Clomid?
It is not possible to detect if a woman is pregnant with twins until she has an ultrasound. Although people say that the symptoms of twin pregnancy is stronger than that of a single baby, this isn’t necessarily true. Your pregnancy symptoms can be intense, and you end up having just one baby. Also, you can feel pregnant and not be pregnant. Also getting an early pregnancy test done or having high level of hCG in your blood does not mean you are having twins.
Your doctor can order an ultrasound in the first six weeks of your pregnancy. It may be too early to detect because the ultrasound might only see one yolk sac. However, a twin pregnancy can only be detected and visible by week 8 of the pregnancy.
Risks of Using Clomid
The continuous use of Clomid without checking your ovaries at the beginning of the month can enlarge and cause overstimulated cystic ovaries. Hyperstimulation of the ovaries leads to severe pain. Also, it can lead to the loss of the ovary when the ovarian blood vessels are twisted and oppressed. This situation can be avoided by examining the pelvic routinely or having an ultrasound at the beginning of each cycle. And the unfortunate thing is that various doctors do not perform this process and do not inform their patients of the numerous ways to avoid issues like this.
A research study which was found in the journals of medical literature reported on the possible risk of an increased chance in cancer in women who use Clomid. But a further research on this has ruled out the chances of a woman developing cancer.
This was ensured by the use of more adequate statistical methods and larger samples which are more adequate and more convincing and have discovered that there are no risks associated with the development of cancer that you should be alarmed of. There are only minor risks associated with the use of Clomid and you shouldn’t be frightened using the drug. However, a judicious and careful use of the drug yields a better result with the constant help and advice from your personal gynecologist.



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