Childhood Benefits of Drawing and Coloring

There are so many great apps available nowadays for children that provide educational opportunities and entertainment for kids. But I think it’s important to get back to traditional ways of doing things too, especially with coloring. While it’s often see as something fun and a way to pass the time, coloring & drawing actually has many benefits.

It improves fine motor skills. I have a child on the spectrum who used to struggle with pencil grip. Spending time coloring and drawing was a good part of his occupational therapy.

It encourages creativity. Children can have fun picking out silly colors. Maybe they will paint the sky green. Maybe the grass will be pink. While it may seem silly to adults, this give kids a way to come up with their own ideas.

Learning colors. I have a preschooler who memorized the name of colors simply by coloring in her coloring books. She’s now moved onto figuring out how to mix colors to get a certain result.

It’s therapeutic. Adult coloring books are seen as a big form of stress relief, and it has benefits for kids as well. I love to pull out any form of coloring or simple art project for my kids when they have nervous energy. Drawing pictures is also a form of self-expression and kids can use it as a way to communicate hard emotions. offers several free coloring and drawing tutorials for children. They created this free resource as a way for parents to encourage their kids to put down the tablet and get back to the old way of coloring. Below you can find just a few examples of what your child can learn to create.

Photo Credit: Homesthetics

Photo Credit: Homesthetics

Photo Credit: Homesthetics

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