Children’s Music by Kelly Donovan

In the midwest, it seems as though winter has finally set upon us. And I don’t know about all of you other moms out there, but my children get cranky easily when they are stuck in the house too long. When you’ve run out of crafts to do and it’s too cold to go anywhere, music can be a great way to get small children up and moving and to beat the boredom.

Recently my cousin, Kelly Donovan has started sharing her children’s music on Google Music and Facebook. Right now, her album Toddler Tunes can be downloaded on the Android Market for only $4.99 or you can download each song individually for $1.29. The best part of this is that the music is downloaded instantly and you can play it anywhere. Kelly is the mother of two small children herself and loves to share the joy of music with children.

My children particularly enjoy the silly, upbeat lyrics of The Peanut Butter Song. I also really love that the lyrics are simple enough for my children to learn and sing along to. Toddler Tunes is a refreshing and fun music choice for parents of young children.

Be sure to check out Kelly’s music pages to give her music a listen and to learn more about her as an artist.

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