Choosing to see God’s Plan

Recently, I posted about how motherhood had really gotten to me lately. As a parent, we all want the best for our children and for our families. It’s especially hard when you pour your energy into your family and making the “right” choices and things don’t work out quite like we plan.

Matthew, who is our 6-year-old, has been struggling with a delay in his fine motor skills and an underdeveloped nervous system. This news was a huge shock to me. I knew that he was having a hard time with some things, which is why I sought out professional opinions. Some of the things he’s struggled with has included reading, tieing his shoes, moodiness, and focus.

It took a couple of weeks, but we developed some strategies and plans as far as getting him the help he needs. Most of it starts at home. Matthew was diagnosed with saccadic eye movements, which means his eyes jump around instead of focusing on things. It’s really hindered his full reading potential. Next week, he starts vision therapy with a doctor specifically trained in his eye condition.

Now that we have a solid plan and we’ve already been doing a lot of work at home, there’s starting to be small changes. I’m confident we’re on the right path.

In comes the next frustration. Some of you may know Joe and I have been trying to buy a house to move just a little bit closer to his work. With Matthew’s vision therapy being an hour away (moving would make it only a half an hour away), there was a huge urge to move all of a sudden. There’s several road blocks as far as us buying a house right now. Of course, we’re stuck waiting it out for a bit as we try to resolve these issues. If not, we have to decide if we want to rent again closer to that area.

Joe also applied for a different position at work, to find out he didn’t get the position. We found this out the same day. Again, super frustrating. But he’s going to try again for another position and maybe he’ll get that one. Maybe he won’t.

I said over and over again, that I was just so frustrated. Joe and I have worked hard to pay down our debts and make the right choices for our family, but we seem to get crapped on over and over again. Unfortunately, that’s just how life goes. And we have to seek God’s plan, even when we can’t see it. Maybe there’s a reason this all happening. Maybe the right house for us just isn’t on the market yet.

I don’t know why this is happening and I don’t know how it’ll all turn out. But I just know that we have to continue to make the right choices and hope it works out for the best. Life is going to be busy and frustrating for a while. If my blog posts take longer and if I’m not as quick to respond to e-mails, you’ll know why!


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