Christmas Crafts for Toddlers

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There are hundreds of different Christmas crafts you can make with children at all different ages. Making crafts with younger children creates wonderful, long-lasting memories that you will cherish for a very long time. Home-made crafts are also great to give to friends and family as special and unique gifts.

christmas crafts for toddlers

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

A Christmas craft that is fun to make with toddlers is a handprint Christmas tree craft. For this project, you will need the following: green paper, yellow paper or a gold star, a craft stick, scissors, pencil, glue, paint and string or yarn to hang it. You could also use whatever you like for the decoration, button or cut out pieces of colored paper is recommended. Firstly, you need to draw around your hand onto the green card and cut it out. Next, decorate it however you would like and add the star and string so you can hang it. This makes a perfect tree decoration or you could give it to another family member or friend to cherish.

Jolly Santa Paper Plate Craft

The next Christmas craft is a jolly Santa paper plate craft. For this craft, you need a paper plate, light pink, tan and white paint, red & white card, pen or pencil, cotton balls, scissors and a wooden dowel which is optional. To begin, you paint the paper plate in the tan color. As that dries, take the red card and cut out the shape of the hat. When the face is dry, paint on the eyes, nose and blushed cheeks. Glue the cotton wool balls to the rim of the hat. Lastly, take the wooden dowel and curl cut out pieces of white card. Stick these to the plate to make the beard and you are done. This is a fun and creative craft for young children make. Alternatively, you can use more cotton balls for the beard which might be easier for younger children.

Rudolph the Reindeer Craft

Rudolph the reindeer is a fun and easy craft to make. If you enjoy making Rudolph, try making all 9 reindeer! For this, you will need white, light brown and dark brown craft paper, googly eyes, black marker, glue and scissors. First of all, cut the white and light brown paper to the same length. You then roll the light brown color into a tube and glue it, you may need to hold it in place until it dries. Next, take some more light brown paper to make the legs. To do this, fold the paper in half and cut a U shape length ways. Do the same when making the front legs and glue them onto the body, so far this is the tube you made at the beginning. Take a black marker pen and color in some hooves, this is optional but it adds a lot more decoration to your craft. Make the tail from light brown paper and antlers with dark brown paper. Once these are made and glued on, add on a red pom-pom for the nose and some googly eyes and you are done! Gift this to someone or put it on show for decoration.

DIY Chalk Paint Ornaments

This is a super easy and fun craft to make. It is festive and makes a lovely tree decoration. You could even gift this to a family or friend. You will need, wooden shapes, chalkboard paint (black), white chalk, paint brush, ribbon and glue or a hot glue gun. First of all, if your wood is rough, sand it down with sandpaper. Paint over it in the black chalk paint, give it 2 coats. Once that is dry, glue ribbon onto the back so you can hang it. Finally, use your chalk to draw onto the wood and you are done.

Snowman Christmas Card Craft

The snowman Christmas card is easy to make and is a great gift. This craft is for all ages. You will need white card stock. As many colors of scrap paper possible, orange paper, black marker pen, glue, and scissors. Glitter is also optional. To begin, fold the card in half and crease it so it stays folded. Cut a strip of paper from the colored card, make sure it’s the same length as the white card that you folded, and stick it in the middle. This will be the snowman scarf. Cut out and glue on another smaller strip to get the authentic scarf look. Draw on the eyes, mouth and buttons with the black marker (or you could use real buttons). Lastly, use your orange card and cut out a carrot shaped nose. Glue it on and you are finished. You can make lots of these and gift these out to everyone!

We hope you and your child have found something fun to make in this list of ideas. If your child really loves crafts at all times of the year, you can find more craft ideas for toddlers at


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