Counting down to baby 4! {36 weeks}

We’re getting down to the wire now!

I wish I had a prenatal appointment to update on, but my midwife is waiting until later in the week to visit since we’re all sick with the stomach flu.

I guess there’s not much to stay at this point other than the fact that I’m most definitely at the miserable part of pregnancy stage. At night, I am experiencing restless leg syndrome which is annoying for obvious reasons. Sometimes, it seems as if I’ve dosed off for about 20 minutes and then my darn legs are waking me up. At this point, I’m also visiting the chiropractor about once a week to attempt to keep things aligned.

On December 8th, my mom and best friend threw a small baby shower for me. They thought it’d be a nice gesture since we this baby is being born in a different season than the other kids (the others are summer babies). We got some clothes for her, some diapers and wipes, baby essentials, and her car seat. It was a huge blessing since we got rid of everything thinking Mr. A would likely be our last!

An added bonus of being an avid user of Swagbucks and Instantbucks, I’ve been able to use my Amazon gift cards to buy my nursing supplies like my nursing cover, nursing pads, and other random items I can think of. I’m also trying to piece together some of the birth supplies we need at the house at this point (especially my comfy sweatpants!)

A blogger friend of mine will also be guest posting on cloth diapers soon, so be on the look out for that! You’ll see me post less and less as we get things ready for baby 4’s arrival.


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