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The rising costs of doctors visits and prescription medications are a struggle for the average person to afford. Even with insurance, not every cost is covered and this puts good health into jeopardy. Sadly, for some families it comes down to keeping the heat on or buying important, life-saving medication. If they don’t have insurance, they have to find a way to make buying their medication more affordable. Outside of getting samples from the doctor, this can be a hard task to accomplish.

SingleCare is a company that is revolutionizing how we can save on rising healthcare costs. There are many programs out there offering discounts or prescription savings cards, but SingleCare is one that stands out from the rest. Not only do they offer savings on prescription medications, but they also offer discounts on other medical needs. This includes medical care, dental vision, visiting a doctor, counselor, or dietician.

How Can SingleCare Help My Family?

Our family uses a high deductible health insurance plan, so using the coupon service SingleCare offers is something we can hugely benefit from. We have a child who is undergoing long term medical care at the moment. Finding coupons and discount services have been helpful to our budget. For example, if you’re on Lialda, there is a Lialda coupon 2018 available on the SingleCare website.

SingleCare also offers can app available for Android and Apple devices. You can obtain coupons and also search for pharmacies that participate in the SingleCare program on these apps. In addition to their other services, SingleCare offers a video chat feature where you can receive medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The video services are less expensive than others I’ve seen advertised online.

Who Can Benefit From Using SingleCare?

The answer is almost anyone! I have a family member who uses SingleCare in her household to help cover the gaps. She has a decent insurance plan and a healthcare savings account (HSA), but it doesn’t cover everything. This family member has presented her discount card at the pharmacy to save more. She has also benefited from coupons found on the SingleCare website many times over.

Even if you’re on a high deductible plan like we are, you may not meet your deductible under the year’s end. Utilizing the savings tips mentioned above can be a huge help. I have grandparents who use Medicare Part D, which means that they pay higher costs for their prescription medications. Recently introducing them to finding coupons online has helped keep a few extra dollars in their pocket.


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