Fall Cleaning & nearly 24 weeks along!

We’re between seasons here in good ole Iowa. In our household, the purging has begun! Over the weekend, I managed to go through the kids’ summer clothes and my maternity summer clothes and organize what we didn’t want to keep. It’s only about the equivalent of two trash bags full. Usually I get rid of a lot more, but with a newbie on the way and not knowing the gender (yet), it’s hard to get rid of what can be used for hand me downs in the future.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband did a great job of clearing out the garage. It was sadly a mess of things that just didn’t make it in the house from when we moved in about three months ago. We also got in contact with a scrapper to pick up some items that were left here by previous tenants. The yard and garage look a lot better, I must say!

I’m so glad to have gotten this burst of energy. I’ve been waiting for that so-called second trimester energy and at nearly 24 weeks, it finally came. Overall, I am really grateful that this pregnancy has been going well. I did have one wonky blood sugar level due to making the poor decision to have pop before my lab work last week. Now I’m stuck doing the one hour glucose test at 28 weeks along (boo!). Please keep it in your prayers that my blood sugar levels stay normal as I am not usually diabetic. I also am hereby banned from pop altogether.

I also learned that I am deficient in Vitamin D3. I was saddened, but not shocked to find that out. Honestly, I’ve not spend much time outside this summer due to the extreme heat we had here. I just couldn’t handle it with my asthma. Between taking a D3 supplement and being able to enjoy the outdoors more until winter hits, I think I should see a rise in levels…hopefully!

Have you done any fall cleaning in your household? Or do you just save that for spring time?

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  1. September 26, 2012 / 1:42 am

    We are waiting for our big move to do our big clean. But I do need to go through the storage room and drag out all the warmer weather stuff! I wasn't ready for that… and it came on to soon.

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