Fall Leaf Wreaths

We saw this craft on the Sprout Goodnight show and thought it’d be cute to do with the kids. Here are the instructions from Sproutonline.com. We didn’t use berries and flowers — only leaves. I went to Dollar Tree and just bought fake leaves since the leaves in our yard were pretty wet.

L-R Matthew’s (age 4), mine, and Cheyenne’s (age 2)


  • 1 paper plate
  • Ribbon
  • Dried leaves, berries, flowers, small stones, pine cones, or anything else from nature that you find
  • Decorations (glitter, stickers, pom poms)
  • All-purpose white glue
  • Hole punch


  1. Using safety scissors, cut out the inside of the paper plate – now you have the shape of your wreath.
  2. Using the hole punch, punch two holes in the top of the plate – this will be used to hang up the wreath.
  3. Now it’s time to decorate it! Use your imagination to decorate it with leaves, berries, flowers, pine cones, markers, or glitter.
  4. Once you’ve decorated the wreath, let it dry.
  5. After it has dried, put a piece of ribbon through the holes and hang your nature wreath at your door!

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