Five Things You Should Know About Vasectomies

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More couples are turning to vasectomies when deciding they are done having children. One benefit being there is a very low failure rate. Other methods that are just as effective are only available for women. However, after giving birth and breastfeeding, it’s sometimes easier for a man to have a vasectomy done. There are many misconceptions about vasectomies and these false narratives affect men’s views on the surgery. Here are five important things you should know about vasectomies:

Yes, It Hurts

Vasectomies are surgical procedures, so you should expect to feel some pain. During the procedure, the doctor will use strong anesthetics to numb the pain. The real discomfort is experienced after the surgery. For the next one week, you will need to use frozen peas and regular painkillers to get rid of the pain.

Discuss It

Vasectomy is a family-centered decisions, just like home births. This means you should make a point of talking about it with your partner and an experienced doctor. Once you start talking about it, you will realize that it will not change much in your life. You will be able to carry on with your life as usual, except for the fact that you will not be able to have kids. Also, your partner will be prepared for the results.

Will Not Affect Sexual Desire

The only thing that will be affected by your surgery is your sperm count, and that has nothing to do with your manliness. It will not affect the balance of your hormones, and neither will it affect your sexual energy. However, you should not have sex with your partner for at least a week after the procedure. This is because the wound will still not have healed, and sexual activities can easily open the incisions and lead to bleeding and infections.

You Can Get it Reversed

If you visit a highly-skilled practitioner who uses advanced methods of surgery, you will be able to reverse the procedure in the future. Such doctors will also be able to guarantee you close to 100% vasectomy effectiveness. It is worth noting that reverse vasectomies are highly complicated procedures.

Some Grief Is Natural

After the procedure, you and your partner are highly likely to experience some grief. Rationally, you will both know that it is the right thing to do, but you will both feel sorrowful that you may never get to have kids. Having a vasectomy is especially challenging to stepmoms. Even after having lengthy conversations on the benefits of the surgery, they will still feel like their husband does not appreciate them enough to want to have kids with them. They may even be angry and depressed, but they usually end up accepting you and the stepchildren.


Understanding vasectomies is important. It allows you to have a healthy mindset when you go in for the procedure. The surgery has been advanced significantly over the years, so you should expect it to be very effective at preventing pregnancy.


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