Five Ways To Help Children Get Good Sleep

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A cozy room of toys won’t help your child get a good night’s sleep. The fact is, there are many things that may prevent children from getting quality sleep. As a parent, it’s our job to ensure our kids get good quality sleep. A good night’s sleep helps kids to wake up in the morning full of life and vigor, with high expectations for the new day. However, this doesn’t come on a gold platter, there are efforts that must be expended to achieve that night in the wonderland.

A look at the five ways to ensure your kids have a good night rest will only be of great help if you are the type of parent looking for ways to make the best out of our kids’ nights.

Soundproof the Nursery



Children have different sleep patterns that every adult must be aware of. Since kids do cycle to light sleep faster than adults do, soundproofing the nursery is an important technique to get kids to sleep undisturbed.

Since their sleep pattern is different, an ill-timed reflex action like sneezing, coughing or mere moving of table can wake him or her up. No parent wants this, but it is difficult to tell when a kid is in deep or light sleep, which is why soundproofing the nursery will help to minimize disturbances that can prevent your kids from having that lovely night rest.

It a good option if there are more than two people in the house, because it may be difficult to prevent movement, but it not a cause for alarm, as it is also possible to soundproof the nursery, which will enable kids to sleep undisturbed.


Unplug Screens



Getting the nursery soundproofed is a good way of getting kids to sound sleep, but screens can be another source of sleep disturbance.

Research has shown that children and adolescents are particularly prone to sleep disturbances from screens. Although blue lights emitted from screens can also affect an adult, kids are more prone to its effects, because their brains and eyes are still in the developmental stage.

This stage – during which their brains and eyes develop – makes them experience twice in the drop of the hormone melatonin, compared to adults when exposed to screens.

That means, they are more likely to have delay bedtime, fewer hours of sleep, as well as poor sleep. That’s why parents must ensure that kids stop watching televisions at least two hours before bedtime.

Serve meals that promote good rest



It’s is common to see parents sneak some refreshments to their kids’ rooms – a gesture that turns out to be a blessing, if such foods are rich in proteins and carbs such as oatmeal, milk or toast, rich in natural peanut butter, are broken down to amino acids that behave like tryptophan, a component which makes you feel sleepy. Yogurt, eggs, tuna, bananas and cheese are also rich in the same compound.

That is, if you are able to serve kids’ such meals before bedtime, you are naturally sedating them without side effects, a good way to healthy living.

Employ White Noise Machines



Well, if you are still not satisfied with the three methods above, or you are still searching for other methods because of the noise level in your environment, white noise machine may be the sure bet to aid your kids in sleeping well at night.

White noises are the sounds used to mask or envelops environmental noises that occur naturally from the surrounding. White noise machines generate specific types of noises that can aid children to have sound sleep, regardless of the nature of the noise from the surrounding.

The beauty of the machine is, some are even designed for infants taking into consideration the level of sound that is just enough for their ears. We’ve round up a list of the best white noise machines for babies and you can see them here.

Switch off the Lights



It sounds too simple; no wonder it is underestimated in most cases, but it is very effective in preventing light pollution during the night sleep. That’s why it’s regarded as the healthiest way to sleep at night, by switching off the light.

Although darkness can get scary to some kids, switching light off helps to avoid hormone disruption, which may affect immune system functions.

The issue of fear can be taken care of by putting a light in the hallway but ensure to switch it off. When kids are fast asleep, you may even use light that switches itself off at a specific time.

The issue of bedtime fear is better to be addressed than dismissed as most parents do. If you notice simple assurances aren’t working, try buying special toys that will stand guard at dark nights, or spray the room with special air freshener with a different label and call it ‘monster spray,’ to give the confidence your kids need.

Blackout curtains are good options and sleep masks for kids, who wake up too early from sunlight beaming into their rooms.

A child that sleeps well at night will wake up full of life, vigor and vitality, which is the joy of every parent. Seeing your kids in this state is possible if you can consider a few steps that will make every night a sweet adventure every kid looks forward to the experience.


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  1. October 18, 2018 / 3:56 am

    I agree with you on all these tricks. I just want to add that giving them a warm bath before going to bed also helps! My kids cannot sleep soundly without it. 🙂

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