Green Your Cleaning Routine With Swanson Healthy Home!

Disclaimer: I received free samples of this product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

If you’re looking to green your lifestyle, starting with eliminating common household chemicals is a good place to start. In fact, it’s where I started since many of the fake chemical smells trigger migraines for me. There are many brands of natural or green cleaning supplies out there. I certainly enjoy trying them out! 
Swanson’s Healthy Home is one we’ve been using for a couple of months now. I am absolutely in love. In fact, after Ellia was born a few weeks ago, my best friend was over helping around the house. She loved the All Purpose Cleaner and wondered where she could buy it. It cleans well and simply smells uh-mazing! I love the smell of Parsley. The house smells great when I clean without the scent being overwhelming. 
I also got to try out their Eco-friendly laundry detergent. The laundry detergent I honestly held onto to use until the baby was born. My kids have sensitive skin and I expected the same of her. So I washed all of her clothes in it. Then I decided to wash everyone’s clothes in it since we all hold her. She’s almost a month old now and so far, we’ve had no baby acne. In the past, it’s been a result of my other kids being sensitive to the laundry soap I was using and I’d always have to switch to a natural kind.
Unscented Laundry Soap: 
Be sure to browse their website for all of their other products!
About Swanson Home products: Swanson Health Products (SHP), one of the leading e-commerce organic

grocers, has teamed up with leading manufacturers of natural home care
products and eco-friendly cleaners to develop a collection of safe,
effective household cleaners with no dioxane, triclosan, phosphates,
formaldehyde, caustic solvents or petrochemicals of any kind. The Swanson brand, called Swanson Healthy Home, features cleaning products that contain biodegradable, plant-based surfactants that break down quickly into
non-polluting compounds, helping to protect and maintain the safety of our
soil and water supplies and all life that depends on them.


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    Thanks for the informative post! I definitely want to be more green and to avoid the usage of toxic cleaners. Greetings

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