Grocery sack ghosts

Tonight my 4 year old and I made some grocery sack ghosts together. This was a very easy craft and didn’t involve me buying anything (thanks to a friend giving me a sewing kit when I stopped by her house tonight!) Here’s what you’ll need:

I found this on a random craft site so this is not an original idea.

– grocery sacks (we used 12 bags to make six ghosts)
– scissors
– yarn or thread
– needle (or hole punch)
– Sharpie marker

Now I used Wal-mart bags, so I cut off the front of the wording and the bag handles (save one of them!). Then I balled up the second grocery bag and placed it in the middle of the first grocery bag. I brought it together and then twisted it once so it made the head, then I wrapped one of the bag handles around it and tied it a knot to make the arms. I also fluffed them out and trimmed them to be the same size. With the marker, make eyes and a mouth. Then you need to string the thread/yarn through a hole so you can hang it outside. I had to use a crochet hook to poke a hole in the top of ours, so having that on hand would be a lot easier. I also used yarn instead of thread.

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