Hallie Grace is TEN Months Old!

I am seriously so saddened to be posting the baby’s ten month update already. I feel like my life is on fast forward. I really don’t know where the days, weeks, and months go anymore. We’re already thinking about her first birthday and it seems like only yesterday she was a tiny newborn.

I don’t have any height or weight stats as she hasn’t been weighed since her nine month check up. I’m not too entirely sure when we’ll have her weighed again other than at her one year check up. We’re still breastfeeding and as far as solids, she’s just kind of doing more table foods as she wants. The poor baby caught a stomach bug in November, right around the time my uncle died. I’ve never had a baby that young throw up so much before. Luckily, we made it through that week okay.

Some of the new things Hallie is doing is that she loves to push things to walk. Especially laundry baskets. She is also pointing at object and trying to say the name. She loves to dive for anything, especially the computer screen if she’s sitting on my lap. And…wouldn’t you know…she still like to lay on daddy to go to sleep at night.

I’m expecting to see her two front teeth pop through any day now. Her gums are pretty swollen and she has been miserable some nights. Hallie’s looooving solids. She goes nuts over food if she sees anyone eating. IN fact, she got ahold of Avery’s dinner plate last night (chicken and mixed veggies). Unfortunately for me, that didn’t make for a very good diaper…

That’s some of what’s been going on with our baby girl lately. There’s only two updates left and it’s hard to believe she’ll be ONE!


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