Hallie’s 4 Month Update

I cannot believe that my baby is four months old already. It seems like the end of my pregnancy just went on and on, but since she came, time has just been flying by. Just over a year ago, we found out we were expecting our fourth baby, and it was quite a shock since we weren’t plan on conceiving her until now. Throw moving into our house at the time and it turned into a very busy time.

Hallie has been such a joy in our lives. She is an amazingly happy baby. I’m happy to share that our breastfeeding relationship is going very well. At first, tandem breastfeeding was quite a challenge, as Avery had to learn some patience and boundaries. I really feel like breastfeeding can be the first place that children learn respect and patience. Anyway, we’re not planning on introducing any sort of solids until 6+ months as she shows us she is ready since we practice baby led weaning.

We’ve moved just about full time into cloth diapers. At first, I only wanted to do it at home during the day, but now we’re doing it on the go as well. I’m always nervous about doing cloth overnight, and honestly, disposables at night are easier on me mentally. Sometimes, Avery wakes up at night still, and I just don’t want to deal with figuring out our nighttime solution quite yet.

Developmentally, Hallie is doing great. She is a supporter sitter. Whenever I am sitting on the couch with her, she goes stiff if I try to cradle her. Hallie really enjoys sitting outward and watching what her siblings are doing. She is actually getting in a tooth already as well! We figured that out around 3 months. She’s been chewing on everything. Hallie also absolutely loves toys. Every thing goes in her mouth, of course. Her oldest brother is her favorite person in the whole world!

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So, that’s all that’s going on with Miss Hallie at the moment. I don’t have any weight stats as we haven’t done her 4 month well check with our midwife yet. Hopefully we’ll get that scheduled soon, but Matthew is doing teeball, so our schedule has been a bit crazy as of yet.


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  1. June 7, 2013 / 4:09 pm

    She's so precious! Time really does fly by when it comes to your babies growing up too fast.

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