Holiday Gift Guide: The Moodsters Workbooks for Children

Holiday Gift Guide

Peabody Award winning journalist Denise Daniels has developed a wonderful workbook series called The Moodsters for small children that help them learn and identify with their emotions! In our home, we practice attachment parenting. As I have learned over the years, when children act out, it is often due to an emotional need either not being met or something they can’t express. From the time my 8 year old was a toddler, I tried to help him learn how to express when he was happy, sad, frustrated, and so on.

As I’ve had four more children since then, I know how important the message of The Moodsters is! There are no right or wrong emotions, it’s okay to have them! There are three different book/toy sets, pictured below. They include the The Feelings Flashlight, The Moodster Mirror, and The Moodster Meter. Since Hallie is approaching age three, I though the mirror would be perfect. She is able to press buttons, where each of the characters identify themselves and say a short line.

The Moodsters are available nationwide at Target stores. Also, be sure to check out their downloadable guide for parents called All About Feelings!

Disclaimer: I received a free product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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