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I’ve noticed this year that I haven’t taken much time to do as many personal blog posts. I certainly don’t mean to neglect it, but this blog can fall to the wayside as clearly family comes first.

Honestly, I can’t even remember if I did an update on what we’re doing as far as homeschooling this year. I figure I’ll take the time to catch everyone up to speed. Overall, I think we’re all feeling confident this year. The first year is always full of trials and errors. Going into the second year, we’ve all learned our learning styles a bit more. We’ve decided on a loose routine of doing lessons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons during baby’s naptime. Taking a mid-week break has worked so well for all of us.

Matthew (center) is 6 years old and in first grade this year. He is working on his math and reading skills. The biggest improvements I’ve seen thus far is in his reading comprehension, basic math skills, and handwriting. His attention span and level of cooperation is doing very well. I’m very proud of the progress he’s made. We have a set math curriculum we’re using that a public school teacher gave us. We read lots of books. We also are using a book of comprehensive skills.

Cheyenne (right) is 4 years old and is in kindergarten this year. While is is young, she is displaying signs of being gifted. She blew her first five workbooks right out of the water. First grade work is challenging to her. She is learning to write, read, and most other things with her older brother. She especially loves learning on the computer.

Avery (left) is 3 years old and is working on preschool skills. He is your typical little boy and loves playing more than anything. At this age, that’s perfectly acceptable. He absolutely loves doing arts and crafts. He loves learning how to count, helping mommy in the kitchen, while cleaning, doing laundry. His favorite shape is a triangle. He also loves to crash his cars.

What have we been up to?

We’ve slowed down on field trips this year. We’ve done a zoo trip and a pumpkin patch trip. Mostly, we’ve had lots of social outings at parks, mostly with fellow homeschooling families. Mostly, I am trying to keep a loose routine at home. That obviously means more time at home. Going into winter, we’re planning on enjoying family time over the holidays. We’re looking into gymnastics for Cheyenne and Tae Kwon Do for Matthew. An easy going year has been the best answer for our family since we have a baby this year.

How’s your homeschool year going? Is it easier or more challenging than you thought it would be?


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