How Technology Can Help Us Stay Green

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Technology has made advancements in recent decades. Just fifteen years ago, when I was a sophomore in high school, cell phones had no “smart” capabilities, but they were rapidly becoming a main form of communication. Instead of fighting against technological advances, I’ve tried to find ways to incorporate it into our daily lives. I’ve even realized in many ways, technology can help the environment.

Going Digital
In my home, my children do much of their schoolwork online. While we have still have books, doing the bulk of our homeschooling online helps save on paper waste. Our doctor, dentist, and billers have all mostly gone digital. Another way we cut down on paper waste is by receiving all of our bills via e-mail. I don’t file bills in a filing cabinet anymore, but rather in the cloud. Having a smartphone allows me to access our information anywhere, anytime.

Smart Homes
If you utilize a smart device like Alexa or similar device, you can easily monitor and adjust your home’s thermostat. We also recently installed motion-activated lighting in our kitchen because our kids were really bad about leaving the lights on. This way, we reduce the energy consumption in our home. We also hope this will help us save money on energy costs.

High Speed Internet
While the internet ties into the previous topics, I think that it has several advancements that could be overlooked. Back in the ‘90s and early 2000’s, in order to rent a movie, you could get in your car, drive to Blockbuster, rent the physical copy of the movie, and then come back home. Online streaming services make it so we don’t need DVDs that will eventually go in the trash. Everything is streamed online these days.

This may seem like an odd category, but technology has helped us gain knowledge in the medical and naturopathic fields. More studies have been done on autoimmune disorders, which has benefited me personally. I was able to get the proper medical testing done to figure out why I was so sick. I found out that I have Celiac Disease. Naturopathy comes into the picture as I use a lot of herbs and supplements to help sustain my health.

Helping Businesses
When businesses go utilize digital services, they become a better global ally for the environment. Less energy and manpower is used when analytics are figured by a computer. Businesses can easily see where they can grow or improve their services. Ad-hoc reporting provides the end results that businesses want by improving daily workflow. No longer will there be mountains of paperwork with self-service reporting, that allows businesses to more easily communicate with their clients.

Technology can, of course, be overused. However, when it is utilized in a responsible manner, it can benefit society as a whole. What are some ways you can think of that technology helps us “stay green”?

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