How To Homeschool Without Going Into Debt

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In the fall, we will be starting our sixth year of homeschooling. It can be tempting to go into debt to buy that fancy curriculum. Let me enlighten you: it’s not necessary to buy a bunch of stuff to successfully homeschool your kids! If you are going to buy a ton of curriculum and supplies, there are things you can get at a reduced cost…or even for free! If you’re at all interested in learning how we’ve saved money while homeschooling, then read on!

Only Buy What You Need

I used to be the mom with an overflowing shelf of books, curriculum, supplies, and learning games. I was constantly buying bins or organizing things. Nothing was ever really organized as I found out. I got really good at hiding clutter and losing things. Since I didn’t realize I had items already on hand, we’d have way too many scissors, notebooks, folders, etc. I actually gave away a ton of curriculum at the end of this school year too. Our homeschool area looks MUCH better for it!

Accept Hand-Me-Downs

We are part of a homeschool group and the other families often offer up their old items for free. Several times, we’ve had moms set out boxes for other families to go through. If you find something that may be useful for your family’s needs, you can use that extra money to reduce any debt you may have.

Utilize Free or Inexpensive Curriculum

In 2017, we started using a free all-in-one curriculum that meets most of our homeschooling needs. I am a big fan of the Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool, which Lee Giles offers completely for free. Another curriculum that is free or very inexpensive is The Good & The Beautiful. There are many options out there, but I am most familiar with those two curriculums. There are also free homeschool resources out there on Pinterest or on websites like If you need to supplement this type of curriculum, see my next tip!

Buy Used

Facebook has several homeschool curriculum sale groups that I’ve utilized in the past.  If you’re thrifty like me, finding things at a discount can be addicting! I often will browse eBay, Amazon, ThriftBooks, and other websites to find used curriculum at a fraction of the new price! You can often find gently used or curriculum that hasn’t even been marked in! You can also find gently used tech products like laptops and tablets on Facebook Marketplace or eBay. Plus, you can look at it as helping another homeschool family by purchasing their unused curriculum.

Look Into Reducing Debt

Homeschooling often means that one parent gives up an income or may only work part time. We’ve committed to me working at home part time so that I can homeschool our children as long as it’s working for our family. This can sometimes lead to families going into debt and having high monthly payments they can’t afford. Utilizing a debt reduction program like Nationwide Debt Reduction Services can help families get rid of debt faster at a more affordable payment.


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