How We Cloth Diaper

This is the first post in my cloth diaper series.

As a cloth diaper user, I get a lot of questions and requests from people to see what we do and what works for us. I want to start out by saying that there are tons of options out there. What works for our family may not work for your family. I’ve been a cloth diapering mom on and off since 2009 and over that time, I’ve cloth diapered three babies. I’ve found a dedicated routine and storage that works really well for our family. You don’t have to use different systems. You can stick to one. I’d eliminate the third option since we use it the least, but my husband really likes it.

In the photo above, you can see that I have three types of cloth diapers pictured. I’ll break these down by type, starting from left to right. We use two systems mostly, but our third system (Flip diapers) on the go is what my husband uses/likes.

Pocket diapers 
 These are our every day, around the house diaper.

A few of our pocket diapers. Cute prints!

These are probably the most popular cloth diaper option out there. Pocket diapers are simply that. You stuff an absorbent insert into a pocket. Inserts are made from many materials such as microfiber, bamboo, charcoal bamboo, and hemp. I’m sure there’s other options I haven’t mentioned. Like any other cloth diapering option, this type of diaper can be either expensive or inexpensive. Some of the diapers we use include AlvasGlow Bug, and AnAn Diapers. (Again, there are more expensive options out there. I don’t particularly think it’s necessarily to buy pricey diapers as we cloth diaper to save money.)

Fitted diapers 
Our nighttime solution

L-R: Fleece soaker, Motherease fitted diaper, and PUL over

Fitted diapers are made from a variety of materials as well. The majority of our stash is made up old style Mother-ease fitted diapers that I was given by a friend. These diapers are made of terrycloth. This was another inexpesive option for us since they were free. We use these diapers with fleece soakers or PUL covers at night. I think fitted diapers work great as an overnight solution for Hallie since she wakes up feeling dry on the outside.

Flip Diapers
Our “on the go” diapers (very daddy friendly!) 

We only use flip diapers on the go or as back up friendly diapers. These diapers are made by the same people who make Bum Genius. They are a really simple cloth diapering system. You lay the stay dry side of the microfiber insert into a cover and baby is good to go. My husband thinks these make for fast diaper changes when we’re out and about, so that’s why we use these diapers. 

Cloth Wipes

Here is where I am a recent convert! I continued to use disposable wipes after I became a cloth diapering mama. But I think disposable wipes are such a waste of money. We just use cloth wipes I purchased off of a Facebook swap group and some on Amazon. I have a spray bottle of solution that I spray on Hallie’s bottom during a change and then I just use a wipe. I’ve found that I need to use one or two cloth wipes compared to a million disposable wipes during messy diaper changes!

And finally, what do we do with the dirty diapers?
Currently we are using these wet bags. I have a few that I fill the dirty diapers with an dump them into the wash on wash day. Some people use a diaper pail, which we’ve done in the past. This is currently what we’re doing, but we might go back to a diaper pail in the near future.

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