Is this really my life?

Life has been hard lately. I don’t like it. We seem to be having exceptionally bad luck since July.

Brake line in husband’s car goes out (which was supposed to be repaired today).
Front of our nice stove being bashed in today.
Husband driving 30 minutes to purchase another used one to get it home & find out there are no oven racks.
Said oven racks are $30/piece to replace (he made the ones from the broken stove fit, thankfully).
Kids have been sick. I am sick.
Money is tight.
Amazon charging our card money last month when they weren’t supposed to.
Money gets even tighter.
Kids bickering.
House is a mess.
Hip keeps going out of place this pregnancy.
Hopefully life gives us a break soon. This period of testing has not been fun.

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