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Guggy (age 5, kindergarten) recently completed our six week review period of K5Learning.com. I’m excited to share our experience with all of you. K5 is an online reading and math program geared for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. This can be a great supplemental program for children who are homeschooled or in “regular” school. We used it in addition to our regular homeschool curriculum.

The first thing we took advantage of when it came to K5’s offerings was the assessment. We had a feeling that Guggy should be moved up to the first grade level when it came to some of his schoolwork. Upon reviewing his assessment results, we found out that he did need to be more challenged in his phonics and reading since he tested at a first grade level. With his math skills, he tested at a kindergarten level. This was commensurate with the regular skill level we see him perform at on a regular basis.

Guggy really enjoyed the lessons. His favorite was the “ant game” that taught him phonics and word recognition. He was disappointed as the lessons went on that his ant game was no longer there, so that was one downfall. Other than that, I was happy that this program not only helped him learn his skills as far as math and reading, but also taught him computer skills. We sat him down at our dining room table with the laptop and with a mouse plugged into the USB port.

Guggy was also able to do these lessons on his own to an extent. At first, he wanted me to sit with him and after a week or so, he wanted me to leave him alone! So I would be nearby, but it let me have a little bit of time to throw in laundry or load the dishwasher. At age 5, he doesn’t need to have a lot of unsupervised school time, but I do believe that promoting some independence is a good thing!

K5 is available for $25/month or $199/year, with discounts for siblings. You are eligible to review a 14 free trial to try out the program. I highly recommend this program for any one who is looking to supplement their K-5th grade student’s learning whether you homeschool or just need some tutoring after school or over school breaks. We will definitely be subscribing to K5’s program to help supplement our homeschool lessons!

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{Disclosure: I was offered a free six week trial for my son in exchange of my review of our experience. There was no monetary compensation. All opinions are expressed are 100% honest between myself and my 5 year old son. ;)}

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  1. November 2, 2012 / 3:21 pm

    Wonderful article! You're such a good and patient mommy!

    ~Sharon Russ

  2. November 2, 2012 / 8:40 pm

    Sounds like a wonderful way to help your kiddo learn! My munchkin has a way to go, but I suppose it's never too early to start!

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