Kalu Yala Criticism: Sustainable Modern Village

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Often, my friends and I joke about building a modern sustainable community where we can get away from the perils of modern society. What is amazing is that places like this really do exist! Kalu Yala is said to be the world’s most sustainable modern village. Located in a valley 50 miles from Panama City, Kalu Yala is growing into a thriving town. It’s becoming such a popular concept, that the next 20 homes scheduled to be completed in 2019 have already been sold. There’s a waiting list for the next round.

Life, Forever Changed

There is no fast paced living and internet isn’t easily accessible except for weekend getaways in Kalu Yala. Your experience may change the way you think about the modern way of life including food and waste management, medicine, education, mental health, and other ideals. Students from most any field of study will have much to learn from studying abroad here.

The Kalu Yala Institute offers a program for students who are interested in studying abroad. Most popular in the summer, this program is about 10 weeks long. Before you apply, know that you are stepping completely out of your western lifestyle and into a completely different sustainable lifestyle. Living off grid in the jungle is something one goes into with no expectations. Washing laundry by hand is common and food comes from self-sustainable sources. You may be surprised to find that there are modern, flushable toilets there!

Students who have studied at Kalu Yala get to work on projects that promote sustainable living. Materials are subject to high standards, including being brought to market in a socially and ecologically responsible way. Those who study and live at Kalu Yala are truly pushed to out of box thinking. Therfore creating skills that will follow them back into society after their time at Kalu Yala has ended.

Outside of studies, students enjoy weekend getaways in nearby Panama City. In addition, immersing yourself Panamanian culture is another benefit of studying abroad. Panama known to be one of the safest Latin American countries. Many there also enjoy hiking in the jungle and others have come home with many new international friends.

Upon returning to western culture, you’ll be forever changed, learning a more sustainable lifestyle that benefits the world as a whole. A way of life where things are slower, people take care of each other, and running to Wal-Mart for everything is no longer a necessity. Kala Yalu’s way of life many of us in the natural living community can only wish to experience.


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