Circumcision is WEIRD (Guest post by Brother K)

Disclaimer: This is not a post mean to stir up any sort of drama. Circumcision is a very sensitive topic and decision. We do not believe routine infant circumcision is necessary. I am posting this as a resource for parents who may be looking for more information. I was that mom once. In the second part of my series, I will be talking about our decision regarding our own sons.

I am very excited to bring this guest post to you from Brother K of Bloodstained Men & Their Friends. Brother K is an intactivist, meaning he advocates for the end of routine infant circumcision. Brother K has done some protests near where we live. I hope to join him in his next stop here. You can find Brother K on Facebook, YouTube, and follow the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends Facebook page.

You can learn more about Brother K’s story by watching this video:

You’re going to be a new mom or dad very soon, and you just found out you’re having a boy!!! Congratulations, mom & dad, what a blessing!!! If you’re an average American parent, like me, you were brought up to believe that circumcision is normal. The problem is… CIRCUMCISION IS WEIRD. That’s just a blunt truth that you may never have thought about before. The United States is the only nation in the world that inflicts penis surgery on our newborn boys in the hospital as a matter of routine.
So what do European, Asian, and South American nations know that we don’t? The human penis is a normal body part. All people, boys and girls alike, are born with normal bodies that don’t need surgery to correct a problem. In fact, penis surgery on a baby boy is extremely cruel, utterly worthless, and profoundly destructive. It amputates the crucial external structure of the penis, the FORESKIN, and changes the internal GLANS, the head of the penis, into a dried-out external organ, lacking the normal sensitivity of its missing part. For that reason, many European and Scandanavian nations are currently debating laws to prohibit and/or regulate the circumcision of minor children because they understand that it’s a violation of a child’s body that conflicts with all historical notions of freedom and human rights.
But wait, you say, it’s better to circumcise a boy when he’s a baby because it will have to be done someday, and it’s easier now for him. NONSENSE! The billion-dollar circumcision industry in the United States has deliberately spread misinformation about boys and men in order to keep their circumcision cash machine churning out the big profits for them. Men and women both live normal healthy lives with their God-given bodies. It was only in the United States where doctors suggested spreading open a boy’s genitals and scrubbing them out, a horrifying recommendation that causes the infections & inflammations for which doctors just happened to have a cure. YOU GUESSED IT! They created the problem and recommended circumcision to solve it. You don’t spread any baby’s genitals to clean them. That’s called FORCED RETRACTION, and it damages the boy, or girl if you did it to your daughter. I should know, I raised a beautiful, healthy, now 32-year-old daughter, who, I might add, I’m very proud of for her recent accomplishment, a PhD from a major university.
Now stop it with the worry, mom & dad, the majority of boys born now are being kept INTACT by their parents. They are saying NO to circumcision. Your baby boy will be fine with his normal body, just as your baby girl will be. We don’t solve our parental worries with premature surgery for rare problems that almost never occur. Don’t let your friends, neighbors, or relatives tell you different, AND THEY WILL, because so many Americans fell for the 100-year brainwashing campaign against the normal male body. You know why doctors started circumcision in the United States? Get ready for an answer that will freak you out… TO PUNISH & PREVENT MASTURBATION. LMAO. When that 19th century excuse became embarrassing, doctors merely invented new reasons for it, that it prevented infections, diseases, and a list of problems so long you could spend all day debunking them. JUST SAY NO TO CIRCUMCISION, OKAY? And enjoy your baby boy and the man he will become… because he will thank you someday for being part of the new generation of parents who understand that the human body is normal at birth.

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