Managing Holiday Stress for Working Families

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The holidays are a very busy time, which can lead to stress for parents. As a large family mom, I have learned I have to manage my time wisely, especially while running a blogging business. While there’s a lot going on, the holiday season should be a time to slow down and enjoy our families. Here are some of my best tips for managing stress during the holidays!

1. Make a list.
Make a list of what’s important and what is truly a priority this holiday season. It’s easy to get caught up in saying “yes” and filling up our schedules when we have to live our daily lives, too! One year, I found myself participating in way too many cookie exchanges and it stressed me out more than anything. By keeping a list of what is truly a priority, you save yourself a lot of frustration in the long run.

2. Don’t skip sleep or exercise.
Lack of sleep can hurt us in more ways than we realize. It lowers our immune systems, makes us more irritable, and we are less alert. It’s also really easy to get busy and fall out of your normal exercise routine if you have one. Last year, I stopped exercising and it wasn’t a good thing. Exercising gives me energy and can also help keep those extra holiday pounds away.

3. Start early
We’re often encouraged to wait until after Thanksgiving to start on Christmas and I agree with this to an extent. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing to get started early on some things. Grab a Christmas present here on there and wrap it ahead of time. Hide in a good spot so that the kids hopefully don’t find it.

4. Keep it simple
If you have young kids or a hectic schedule of carting school-age kids around, it can be crazy to add a lot of extra in. You don’t have to go over the top for Christmas decorations if your heart isn’t in it. You don’t have to be the perfect Pinterest mom and do every craft you come across. Have an afternoon of easy decorating with you family and pick some easy, simple crafts you can do together as an entire family.

5. Tips from experts
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How are some ways you’ve learned to deal with the extra stress during the holidays?


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