Meal Plan 11/17-11/24

This has been a long week! My husband has been keeping me busy with repossessions and my mother-in-law had a couple of doctor appointments that I had to take her to.

Now, for the next seven days, I am planning six meals since Thanksgiving is next week. One is included from last week’s menu since it was replaced with a frozen pizza night.

Oatmeal w/ fruit
Scrambled eggs w/ toast
Waffles w/ fruit

Mac ‘n’ cheese
PB & J
Pizza & veggies 

* lunch typically accompanies veggies or fruit depending on the day/what we have.

Steak & Potatoes
Sloppy Joes w/ mixed veggies
Beef Stew w/ rolls
Breakfast for dinner
Lemon Pepper Chicken & corn
Thanksgiving w/ family

For new readers, my meal plans tend to run Thursday to Thursday because of my husband’s crazy work schedule. 😛


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