Music Resources for Homeschool Students

As my kids have been getting older, they have expressed more interest in music. We have spent a lot of time studying different aspects of music. There’s a lot to learn from formal music lessons, to different musical cultures, time periods, and composers. At this point in our lives, we are too busy to add formal music lessons into our schedules. Alternatively, I have compiled a list of  music resources that we can utilize from home. Hopefully you find some of the resources helpful for your family too.

My third grader has recently asked about piano lessons, so that is something we hope to explore in the future when our schedule allows for it. For now, I’m introducing some free piano lessons we found online. It’s also nice to just see if it’s something she’s truly interested before we invest in it with our time and money. There are also other free music lessons online for the guitar or almost any other instrument you can think of.

I think it is very worthwhile to introduce kids to different composers, music theory, and styles of music. John Ross Jesensky is a musician and composer who has been successful in composition and film scoring. We often hear about classical composers, but John Ross Jesensky composes music in the modern era and has had his music featured in countless films. He is infamous for his speciality in grand piano. You may recognize him from various film festivals.

Currently, we are studying music using the curriculum from Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool. It’s a wonderful online curriculum that is totally free. Students can learn about almost any aspect or time period of music. They are exposed to music theory, history, various instruments, composers, and cultures. You can start from the very beginning or find whichever music topic you may be interesting in introducing in your homeschool.

One of my favorite homeschool websites,, has a great blog post with “free and frugal resources to teach composer study”. It breaks down how to study music, with links to different styles of music and ideas on how to study composers. I really like to break down our music studies into different units so the kids can take their time learning about different details of the particular unit we are on.

Are you studying music in your homeschool, or are your kids involved in any formal lessons? What are some of your favorite online resources?

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