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While still seen as a taboo topic by many, the of voices fertility and miscarriage awareness are becoming more prevalent in today’s society. In my husband and I’s personal struggles, we kept previously kept quiet when we experienced the loss of two pregnancies. While we have living children, these babies didn’t mean any less to us. They are losses that we will mourn our entire lives.
When it came to conceiving our youngest child, it was more of a struggle. My fertility seemed to be waning due to Celiac Disease and we suffered our second miscarriage. I also wasn’t ovulating regularly and there wasn’t an easy explanation in a 27-year-old woman who already had living children. The only answer would be suspected secondary infertility.
In my adult life, I’ve also watched too many of my close family members and friends struggle with getting pregnant or staying pregnant. There is a rollercoaster of emotions when you are wondering why you aren’t conceiving a baby. Some women go onto have successful pregnancies through IVF, even through egg donation.
I always question, like many others, why are fertility treatments so expensive? Why doesn’t insurance cover more of it? It’s not fair to couples who just want to have a child. Since the cost of fertility treatments don’t seem to be coming down any time soon, and insurance companies aren’t going to get on the ball, luckily there is an FDA cleared way to use cervical cap insemination in the privacy of your own home using the Stork OTC.

This device is a less invasive than traditional fertility treatments and can be used without a prescription. The Stork OTC helps women and couples get 3 times more sperm to the cervix compared to natural intercourse and can be purchased at many CVS locations.
Conceiving a baby may not be an overnight process for some women, but I am grateful that there are more cost effective products on the market. The Stork OTC device can be purchased for about $79.99.
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