Our decision to homeschool

Any parent wants what is best for their children. What works for one family, doesn’t work for the next. This is something that goes for just about every family, especially with different educational options. Since our oldest son was born, I have been interested in learning more about homeschooling. He is almost five years old, so I’ve taken that long to come to a final decision.

When Guggy was three, we did decide to enroll him in preschool two mornings a week. This year he goes four mornings a week. We think it’s been a great option for our family at the time because we had two babies at home who were 12 months and newborn. As much as I tried and wanted to, I couldn’t commit to giving him other social opportunities such as MOPS or Awanas. We tried to get him to these activities and failed. So preschool was a really great option for him at the the time.

As the decision of enrolling him in public school vs. homeschool neared, I started seriously looking into my options more. I’ve spent a lot of time speaking with other homeschool moms. I found out that our school district actually has a homeschool assistance program. This is a really awesome resource to have as there are supposed to be once a month field trips and a lot of resources available from the homeschool coordinator. I also looked into virtual schooling through programs such as K12, but decided virtual schooling was not a good fit for a kindergartener.

From the help of fellow homeschool moms and online resources, we’ve decided on what we’re going for our curriculum. In Iowa, I am actually not required to register him for anything until he is age 7. But we’re still going to enroll him through the homeschool assistance program and take advantage of what there is to offer. In Iowa, for grades 5 and under, we are required to teach him reading, literacy arts, and math. So starting off it is pretty simple. However, we do want to touch on social studies, science, etc., as we get into the year more.

It’s not easy getting started. But I really encourage parents who are considering homeschooling to visit hslda.org and find out more information on your state’s homeschooling laws. There are tons of resources out there as well. You just have to find them. Networking with other homeschool families by just googling homeschool groups in your area. Ask around to find out what is available. It’s overwhelming, but with the right people you can make an informed decision on what is best for your family.


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